Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Being a Housewife

There are certain days I love being a housewife. There are other days that I think, "Wow, this again!" But those days are more because it is a routine (which most jobs contain a lot of) and I am definitely a lover of variety and change. Either way, I am SO glad I have a choice to be a stay-at-home-mom.

The day that I made this blueberry pie for instance was pretty grand. I love expressing my creativity and challenging myself to do new things. This was the second pie I've made from scratch.
The crust was a cream cheese pastry crust, from the Joy of Cooking, and was incredibly yummy.

Diaper laundry day has a new dimensional zen to it. While not as pretty as Red Laundry Day, it was oh so satisfying to hang those wet diapers on the line and enter a contemplative space. Also, it feels good knowing that I'm making as minimal impact possible upon our mother earth.

Watching Little B on the swing for the first time, dressing her up in whimsical outfits that reflect her personality, and enjoying the world through her eyes.

These are the moments that I cherish, and look forward to more of.


Anonymous said...

I too am so glad we have the choice. Even if it means living without "extras" for the most part, there is one big important "extra" that we are not sacrificing, that can never be regained or replaced.

Adele said...

Well put. There's definitely a lot of repetition, and yet a lot of zen. And your pie pictures are getting me psyched for a day of baking.

HLM said...

OMG look at that pie! I am drooling. Are you back to using/eating wheat?