Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gifts to Celebrate ::

:: Mama's new hair. Oh, how I thought long hair would be easier with a baby. Just pull it up and get it out of the way. Yet, I never really felt like me while it was getting longer and growing out. Plus, those little hands love to pull it, and not so gently. I feel like I'm getting a sense of self back and this haircut is one of the first steps in that direction. Here's more great dialog about hair issues as a mama.

:: The Co-Sleeper. We started a new sleep routine with our little one (which includes only using a cosleeper for naps and nighttime) and are establishing a good rhythm. Last night, Little B slept 12 hours and woke up only twice. The first time I was still awake....which means I only woke up ONCE in the middle of the night. I had six luscious hours of consecutive sleep. The pool of milk I slept in wasn't so fun but I SLEPT. Do any of you mamas have a tip on not leaking out a gallon of milk while you sleep?
:: Working out in the mornings. The current state of unemployment with my husband means I can try and release this extra 15 pounds I've had since six weeks postpartum! After two weeks of this, I'm starting to feel stronger and more centered in my body. I'm particularly enjoying the Lotte Berk Method which makes me sore and thus stronger.

:: Blog giveaways! I am so excited to be the happy new custodian of Sew Inspired's Mermaid Mini Quilt. Little B will love playing on this with all it's great shapes and colors. The quilting looks so fun too.


Renata said...

Pictures of the new doo?

HLM said...

I can't believe you won that beautiful quilt!!!! How big is it? Be sure to post a photo when you get it... maybe use B as a way to show its scale.

Adele Collins said...

I just found your blog via are so happy, and can totally relate to the hair issues! I'm a short hair girl at heart, but seem to grow my hair out after the birth of a baby in the hopes of it somehow being easier. One of these days I'll cave and chop it off!

Anonymous said...

yay!! on all accounts. hair, working out, sleeping, winning a quilt. Yahooey!

I bought some mermaid fabric from that line by heather ross and love it. the little quilt is so pretty :)))