Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life in Fast Motion

So the past few days my life feels like it went into fast motion. I'm sure it's partially because I've been out of town at Greg's boat races. It means catching up with not only daily tasks, but also taking the bigger stuff in.

The bigger stuff this time being:

1) Bronwyn has matured very quickly the last few days. I swear the divine downloaded some information into her overnight which gave her an even wiser look and intensity in her eyes. Her expression changed from smart cookie to really f$%kng smart cookie. That same day she signed mama AND papa. Greg and I almost jumped out of our socks.

Our little five month old signed potty again (after not doing it for a month plus) and then patted her diaper to let me know it was time for a change. I actually got scared at what else she could be paying attention to (can we say I have the worst potty mouth of almost anyone else I know). Time to wash my mouth out with soap.

2) Yesterday I received a package from my mother. Six months after sending that letter I didn't think I would hear from her. But here arrives this package full of: 3 of my childhood dolls, one baby blanket made by my grandma, my first book - Whose House is This?, two beautiful outfits for Bronwyn and the sweetest letter ever. My heart swelled and I instantly knew I had to call her that night.

3) Talking to my mother after not hearing her voice for eight years...where do I begin? It was like we took up an old conversation we left off years ago. Yet here we are building our relationship back up from the pieces it fell to. A lot of synapses were firing during the call. I really had a sense that it was the right time and also how much we have missed by not having each other in our lives.

Why such speed? It's not just from watching Greg go fast on the water and doing great things for my new mama anxiety. I've been doing trade sessions with other BodyTalk practitioners, so that's probably why life has sped up for me. There's nothing like energy work to stir stuff up...big shifts can happen dramatically (though not always quickly; as Caroline Myss points out in her Defy Gravity workshop YOU have to put the work into it). It's like when I first started learning BodyTalk and was getting all this work done on me during classes. My life changed overnight. It all started prior to that with energetic and emotional guidance from my dear, dear friends Renata and Ruben who helped initiate and guide this shift.

What are you ready to have shifted in your life? Check our your local energetic or BodyTalk practitioner or I can refer you to Ruben (he does distance sessions and he's quite excellent and exact).


daffodil_duck said...

Wow - this is incredible! I can't believe your mom contacted you and that it actually went well! Can't wait to see you xoxoxo

Renata said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see you and talk!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed in every way, and so proud of you for being so darn amazing. I am sure B is picking up more on all of that than on your potty mouth :) xxoo

HLM said...

I love thinking about B changing so dramatically. I bet it is something like the shifts Amb used to talk about as Sonia went from newborn to infant to toddler. And you've always said Greg has intense eyes... no doubt B has picked up some of that. I like hearing more about your contact with your mom. I'm really glad for you that it feels right.