Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthing Day, Mom!

Today is the day I was born back in 1978. Thirty-one years ago my mom gave birth to her last child - her fourth child - at the very young age of twenty-two. My mother was single at the time, my father having left her and my siblings when I was about three months old inside her. I can't really get a grasp of what that would have been like. Just getting past the part about her having four kids, after having only one of my own, is hard enough. But to have four in my early twenties as a single mom! I am not worthy, Mom.

Fortunately, my mother was very close to her parents, and they gave her a lot of support. Her mother was one of the most dear persons to me in the world. Which is why I'm so elated that Bronwyn has her Grandma Jo in her life now. The friendship between a grandkid and grandparents is invaluable. I learned so much from my grandma Thelma, especially how to love someone unreservedly.

So, to celebrate the day my mother gave birth to me I woke up next to my baby girl and lovely husband - all smiles despite the fact the little B was up about eight times last night (teething time??).

We then met up with some dear friends, Renata and Ruben for coffee at Centro Espresso. They introduced us to this little hidden gem that serves damn good espresso.

My love and I shared a caramel cappuccino; think a latte with just a slight caramel taste, barely sweet.

We brought a piece of Coconut Layer Cake for them to indulge in. This cake is definitely the best coconut cake I've ever had and was made by my very dear friend, Rachel.....mistress of many things in the kitchen, garden and library.

Later in the day, to beat the 95+ degree weather, we went to the Russian River in Healdsburg. Bronwyn got her first dip in a large body of water and handled it with much grace. It was very cold water, resulting in many quick inhalations but not tears. We were happy to see our water baby at home once again in the water (she hasn't been loving her baths very much at all).

It's weird that my birthday this year made me a bit melancholic. I was excited to turn thirty but somehow thirty-one isn't as exciting, despite my many accomplishments last year (new house, new husband, new baby created, and new business). I'm still so young. Hey, I don't even have my first strand of gray hair to marvel at yet.

Anyhow, this is my brief love letter to my mom, to say having you back in my life is one of the best birthday presents ever. Thank you for birthing me. Thank you to the divine in you, and the universe, for giving me life.

Little B is also one of the best birthday presents ever. As well as her dada, who gave me a wonderful camera to show them both off with!


daffodil_duck said...

Happy day with the new camera! W00t! Did Renata actually have a bit of the cake??!! Big birthday hugs dear xoxoxo so glad the cake was a hit :-)

Lindsay said...

What a lovely way to spend your birthday. I really enjoy that you appreciate everything and everyone in your life so deeply. It is a wonderful thing to share...

Happy Birthday!

HLM said...

What a great post! All those fun pictures! Hey, can you get Rachel to give you that recipe so you can post it? How can you tell us it's the best coconut cake you've ever had and NOT share the recipe???? :) Thank you again for the photos. They (and y'all) are lovely. Love!

Renata said...

I couldn't resist a was a holiday right? And yes...let's get that recipe!

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

Thanks for all the comments!

There is a hyperlink to the recipe within the post. : )

Rae used the coconut made for alcohol drinks as a shortcut.

zoe said...

You say it so beautifully. Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Your mommy friend Zoe