Sunday, July 19, 2009

Couch Potato

In preparation to give Bronwyn her first real meal (sweet potato), I learned how to sign potato. I've decided to skip the rice cereal mostly because I don't think it's really that nutritious. If I were a babe I would want fruits and vegetables. NOW. That's what little B's message seems to be telling me. That girl is ready to eat.

I also had a worse-than-your-average-terrible-cold cold which prompted Bronwyn's first experience at guessed it: a couch potato and watching that box called the television.

Actually, she watched exactly 17 minutes of video this weekend (which equalled about 17 hours of guilt for me). Five minutes of Caillou the Magnificent before she protested and told me to shut it off. Then the next day she watched twelve minutes of Word World. I swear at some point I heard her say, "Woman, where's my brewski?"

Being a single mom (for the weekend) sucked, more for me then Bronwyn. She got lots of floor time allowing her attempts to crawl. She can move side to side and backwards with no problem. The forward thing she's smart enough to avoid: she just brings the blanket with the toy on it closer to her.

Damn. Now, not only do I have to be smarter than my herding dog, but also my daughter.

Well, perhaps if I start sucking frozen kale sticks (for teething) like B, I will grow big and strong too.

Meanwhile, here's to learning from your dog and your babe, killing your TV....and maybe not to feeling terribly guilty if you watch a few minutes of it before doing so.
This post is dedicated to Katie and Kristine; two kick ass mamas who helped ease my guilt about B's first TV time as well as offering to expose themselves to my cooties to help out. You rock!
Update: I learned that just chewing on kale stems can give a baby gas. I wouldn't have believed it, if I didn't experience it first hand. Try small, frozen carrots instead. They work just as well.

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