Sunday, December 21, 2008

Please, Say Hello to My Belly

As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant, I will never be someone who says, 'I wouldn't even know I was pregnant if I didn't have this big belly.' Nor would I want to. One reason is the many, very real, and sometimes surprising, physical changes that have been taking place in my body over the last 35 weeks. Just a month ago my husband witnessed me trying to stand up from the couch to go pee then breaking out in hysteric laughter, filled with streaming tears, since I couldn't move my legs without a very loud pain shooting down my leg. He then assisted my seemingly never-ending, 25 foot maneuver to the bathroom. (Thankfully, the sciatic pain I've had is fleeting.)

Mostly, though, I would never want to say that because I've wanted to be very conscious of the life - my baby - growing inside me. I was thinking the other day how I've heard women comment on how bold strangers have been with touching their tummy. I've never had a stranger attempt to touch my tummy. Several acquaintances and close friends yes, but strangers, no. (I've certainly been bombarded by the commentary and questions from strangers about my size, and anything they would like to add about pregnancy, my body, or babies in general.)

I am in my 9th month, and my tummy has been ripe for touching for a while now. So, what gives, I wonder? When it comes down to it, I wish that more people would touch my tummy. I am actually surprised at how few people acknowledge the baby when they greet me. Even people who are knowledgeable of how much babies are aware of in the womb have refrained. Could it be they are too shy?

One of my baby's best friends is my BodyTalk Practitioner, Kate. Kate has always greeted the baby with glee and intimately every time I see her for a session. The baby has responded in kind (by either a smile, or large or small movement to acknowledge her back). He/she loves our visits to Kate. The fact that I'm aware of this speaks to how connected you can be to your baby prenatally, and they to you.

Credible research shows that, the fact is, babies are conscious beings well before they leave their little water world. They know - energetically, emotionally and physically - what is going beyond their life in in the uterus.

So, the next time you see a friend who is pregnant, remember to greet her baby as well. You will likely hear the baby say hello back. That is, if you're listening.

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lindsay said...

I felt the same way about my belly when pregnant - no strangers asked to touch it and I wondered why? I heard so many complaints from other women in books or in person...but alas, I was not "bothered" by the stranger touch. Maybe it has just been so talked about in a negative light that people do not even try anymore. Best of luck with your new little one!

Lindsay (Heather Matthew's Cousin)