Monday, January 5, 2009

A Year and a Day

It's amazing how much the satisfaction of a project doesn't always correspond to the time invested in it. I experienced this keenly last year when I finished two projects days apart from each other.

The first - a hand embroidered stocking - I completed just before Christmas and had started over a year ago. Little did I know how long it would take when my husband selected it online to make for him...the first trivial experience that made me wish I had a time machine.

Okay, I admit, it wouldn't have taken a year had I worked on it with more consistency. However, if you consider that the sleigh alone took 12+ hours (not including what is in it), it might give you an idea of how much time it really did take. So many hours I care not to calculate.

I am so glad to be finished with that project and will definitely never hand sew a stocking again. I promise! While I am satisfied with how it turned out, I'm mostly satisfied to be done with it.

The other project was a necklace I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It took less than a day to select the beads and to design and assemble it. It turned out so beautiful that I wanted to keep it and show off the beautiful smoky quartz myself.

One doesn't appreciate the stocking more - despite the excessive time involved - or the necklace less. Both projects are beautiful in their own way, the latter simply allowed for many other beauties to be born. So, here's to more necklace projects in the year ahead, for us all!


HLM said...

For anyone who reads this post, be sure to click on the photos to get an up-close view! There are SEQUINS on the stocking, people! Talk about a huge project! I loved the title of this post so much. So perfect.

Anonymous said...

whoa! that is one heck of a stocking! What a great angle to take on the projects. Isn't it the truth! Some things you'd never know or care to imagine the time involved.

I'd like to see someone try to buy this stocking for what it's worth, rather than one at target for a fraction of what it would be worth.

Happy New Year. Thinking of you all every day.