Monday, December 15, 2008

A Poem for Baby G

So, yesterday I had my first shower for little Baby G. My friend Rachel helped put it on for my husband, Greg, and I. We decided to make it a combination blessing/shower. Even though I was a bit tentative about having a large group for an intimate blessing, it turned out very well.

First, we ate some spectacular food, cooked by Rachel, and drank mimosas, then we had the blessing. It consisted of people reading poems, sayings, and thoughts that they had either written or were inspired by. I had people transfer them to muslin so that I could sew up prayer flags. (With so many, I'm thinking of a different project I could do with them to give to the baby when he/she is older. Ideas?)

In any case, it was a group of just under 20 and everyone appeared comfortable with the blessing, including little 22 month old Melly who was nursing and humming along, doing her own blessing of sorts.

Since I haven't been inspired to write a poem in a long time and it came so organically, I wanted to share what I wrote for little Baby G.

Gifts for Your Birth Day

You are a product of a joyful and loving nature.
Your father and I conceived you with our love
and everyday we fall deeper in love with each other.

This is our first gift to you, Baby, our presence to each other.

The divine has sent us caregivers who will honor and rever your passage.
A spiritual and talented midwife and assistant
who will allow you to choose when and how you want to be born.

This is our second gift to you, Baby, Constance and O'Nell's presence to the birth of our family.

On the day of your tender passage - from water to air - womb to world -
I choose to be fully aware and lucid to every stirring,
every movement and need that you will have during your transition.

This is our third gift to you, Baby, your mother's full and complete bodymind presence.

On that glorious day - your birth day - we will be there
to honor and greet the divine in you.
We will welcome and cherish you.

This is your gift to us, Baby, your beautiful, wonderous, and magical presence.
Our precious baby, we are so in love with you.
Update: I ended up sewing together these prayer flags and hanging it up in Little B's room....the room where she was born. I'm sure these prayers helped me to have the birthing experience I desired.


HLM said...

I totally just got goosebumps from that lovely poem. I wish I could have been there. Sigh, and love!

Anonymous said...

oh..... sigh...ditto.

I so wish to love you from a closer distance! All of the preciousness of it all, your family and your love. I am soooo happy for you. And you are going to have the best birth! What a wonderful place you are in. xxxooo