Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quotable Sunday :: These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

"When the dog barks, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember a few of my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad."

- Oscar Hammerstein II

Oh that Julie Andrews. She is definitely one of my favorite things.

I'm actually not feeling bad, but thought I would share a few of my favorite weekend things to do:

Eat yummy (and sometimes not so healthy) breakfast foods. One of my recent discoveries is Stuffed French Toast from The Joy of Cooking.

Bake! I baked another blueberry pie this weekend.

This one is vegan, and was MUCH harder to put together. The crust was crumbling apart and was not a joy to work with. The secret is...

...wax paper. (That is, rolling the dough between two pieces of wax paper.) I also used Earth Balance shortening which is healthier than Crisco, put probably also why it was harder to roll out, shape, etc. I will let you know how it tastes after tonight.

Which brings me to another favorite thing....eating with friends. Tonight we will see some dear friends who have two very beautiful babes.


Finally, bathing with my beauty. Oh how she enjoys her bath times in the tub. Yahoo!


What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

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daffodil_duck said...

When do I get some of this famous french toast!? You forgot to mention those super yummy peanut butter cookies. So good and worth eating three of them! I love the overhead pic of you and B in the tub. That Uncle Greg is handy with a camera. xoxoxoxo Rae

Adele said...

I second the joy of bathing with babies! One of my favorite activities, weekend or not!

HLM said...

Besides all the usual stuff, I just was reminded of how much I love to mountain bike (on the weekend, usually). We went to Breckenridge and I rocked! I rented a full-suspension bike, didn't fall once, and even managed a black run at the end of the day. What a fun way to work out!