Friday, August 28, 2009

Off to the Coast You Go

You escape West to get away from the ninety degree heat. Yet, sometimes, a trip to the beach doesn't turn out as planned. No, this is not great weather for mama to be in a nursing tank and shorts...only having prepared for colder weather for the little one.

No matter how snuggled or cuddled you are, the wind and fog still seem to creep in.

So, you change plans and head South, expecting nothing but a beautiful drive along the coast and into the woods.

But you get lucky, and the weather becomes spectacular.

You even manage to find the town of Bolinas... a hidden jewel as locals took down the official road signs to keep it to themselves.

And the day ends even more spectacular, seeing it through the eyes of a loved one...

...and another wee loved one.

No wonder why that girl is always smiling... just look at her mama and papa, who are always smiling back at her.


Lindsay said...

I got emotional! Your love for life and your family is so beautiful. Whereabouts is this? Northern California? I love all your posts - keep them comin'!

HLM said...

Such lovely photos! You guys are so sweet all together.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fact that you guys found Boinas means there is an open door in that direction for you...?