Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inspiration Overload

I recently finished these legwarmies for my wee one who needs warm legs. I LOVE the way my color design came out. The pattern is here at Never Not Knitting, and I modified it a bit to have a different look. Trouble is, after all that work, they don't stay on her. Just a few wiggles, and boom. They're off. Hmph! What did I do wrong?

Right now, I have a "problem" that is this: I am inspired. Like way, way, way too much as of late. I have all these projects in my head, some just started, others temporarily abandoned. This includes books to read, classes to take, cakes to bake, outfits to sew, plants to trim, letters to write, etc. etc.

There is that little (very little, little), part of me that laments what comes with motherhood. I know, it's only temporary, this time I have while watching a little one double in size goes so quickly. Still, putting aside my desires isn't easy sometimes.

Since I don't have much time to craft now I plan on doing some retrospectives of past projects. Look for an upcoming week where I'll be featuring baby quilts I've done.

Meanwhile, one recent inspiration comes from Lily Boot's block-a-month blog. She makes these ridiculously awesome tiny quilts, and has given me permission to post a photo here.
I also asked her to do a tutorial of one (cross your fingers). I know a red-headed gal who would be very inspired by this, as well as many other crafty women.

What has inspired you lately?


I asked the pattern designer, Alana, why she thought the legwarmies fell off and here is her response:

"I've found that the leg shape makes a difference in determining how well they will stay put. I used to put them over a pair of tights a lot for added warmth and I found that they stayed up well. Also you could run an elastic thread through the top ribbing and that will help too."

Also, I forgot to mention what yarn I used. Here you go: Cascade Cotton Rich DK in colors Del Rey and Lapis.


Lily Boot said...

those leg warmers are gorgeous! We may well be moving somewhere much, much colder soon, and I'll finally be able to knit leg warmers for my Abby! Thanks for the lovely comments regarding my little quilts. After making a wool felt bookmark yesterday, I'm totally inspired to the start the third little quilt in the series so stay tuned for a tutorial!

HLM said...

Are you kidding? I'm inspired by practically everything I lay my eyes on. I get so inspired that I sit down in my room and feel overwhelmed. But then I take a deep breath and say to myself, "Just begin," a la Lynne Perella, and then I (most of the time) amaze myself with what comes out! I cannot WAIT for Lily Boot to publish her tutorial. Those mini quilts of freakin' cute!

Adele said...

Adorable leg warmers! Yes, I feel the same way-- there are probably 15 projects on the back burner. I think the "Just begin" comment is a good tip for me. And I second the little quilt idea!

kyrie said...

I love the warmies, so cute. I have a sneaking suspicion they wouldn't stay up on my girlies either or I'd be knitting them up right quick. :) Maybe if they were all ribbing?

I think that nothing inspires me more than being a mother of young children!!! I had loads of time on my hands before I got married and had babies and spent most of it bored and listless and drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and reading sad books, HA. Now that I have my little family I am SO inspired every day and am grateful for all the joy in my head and heart (even if I *do* have less time than before).

xoxo K