Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Moves for Little B

Bronwyn has never taken a bottle, but any liquid that goes to the mouth she is HIGHLY interested in (also see last photo from this post). In fact, this weekend she threw a baby-size fit that I wouldn't share my wine with her. Sorry, B, red wine is for the mamas and papas.

About a week ago, little B decided it was time for some real movement: she went from her back to her tummy. It was done in slow motion and was highly motivated by a bottle full of breast milk (not mine).

Anyway, this video is the second day of her doing her older baby movements. She is also playing with her image more intensely than she has before. It was like watching WWF baby-smack-play-down.


Renata said...


Here is another blog I think you may find interesting. She is an amazing teacher and woman who has given me a lot to ponder. I know you were looking for more blogs to follow...

Anonymous said...

Loving the action and sound to go with all these photos of your beautiful B! I will put up another vid of Noa soon.

I have been listening to Some Caroline Myss talks on You Tube but haven't been able to see ones from her website yet (mac issue). so great though, loving it, thanks again!