Monday, June 15, 2009

What to Expect When You're (No Longer) Expecting

"That's my hair in your hand. Can I have it back please, Bronwyn?" I've found myself asking this a lot in the past couple of months.

So, after I wrote my last post I realized that I should clarify further why I wrote it. I certainly didn't mean for it to be a "what to expect when you're (no longer) expecting." I know many a woman who would like to burn that book and I would probably be in line along with them, at least somewhere in the middle of the line. My intent was simply to normalize what your experience might be, not to put your expectations into a box and say this is what's coming your way!

A few other surprises I had were:

Postpartum Hair Loss. Your hair might start falling out long after your hormones change. I thought I was not going to experience hair loss afterwards since I didn't really have any noticeable change in the thickness of my hair during pregnancy. However, about three months postpartum my hair started falling out like crazy. Now, every time I brush, wash, or even look at my hair, a clump of hair stares back at me from the floor, my hand, or pillow. Gross! I've never minded the occasional hair strand found other than on my head, but this actually makes me want to shave my hair off.

Postpartum Wrist. It's actually called Mother's Wrist. I had never heard of wrist issues after birth, just susceptibility to carpel tunnel during pregnancy. I guess all the weight that's constantly being carried by your wrists can take it's toll. Even with baby wearing, it didn't seem to ease the pain that much. One friend of mine had her wrists actually give out on her from time to time so she would have to be careful when the pain flared so as to not drop her little bambino!

Postpartum Falling. What I mean is falling head over heels in love with my baby. I knew motherhood would be great. Awesome even. But I never expected to fall so dramatically, deeply and utterly in love with my baby. Nothing can prepare one for the magical experience of the love of their child. Enough said!


daffodil_duck said...

Those are some of the most wonderful momma/baby portraits. You're so luck to have a gifted photographer on the other side of the camera. You and Miss have taught me so much about motherhood - I'm blessed to have you all in my life :-) xoxoxoxo

HLM said...

I agree, that photographer is somethin' else!!!!
You two are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Another effect of postpartum...exquisite beauty!

lindsay said...

I had the hair loss too! Both times...but the first time was a real shocker. It seemed like fists full of hair were coming out all over the place! It is true - people don't really tell you these things...