Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luscious Apricot Tastes Upon a New Tongue

So, little B has been super interested in what we're putting into our mouths as of late. I talk to her about what is on our plates and in our glass, how it tastes, why we eat it, etc.

Her first flavor outside of breast milk was when her nana put a taste of frozen yogurt on her lips a couple months ago. I was definitely nonplussed but was trying to not be uptight about it either, reminding myself that it was put there out of love and that's all. It happened and so we move on.

Her first real taste of something came this past week when I decided to put some apricot up to her nose to smell. She was very interested in it, so I put it near her mouth. Just like a puppy, bring it to the mouth first, ask questions later (umm, if at all). So, that's what B did and here's the result.

In the end she probably got 1/4 tsp worth of apricot in her mouth. A few minutes later I pottied her and it came out with the spit up (as with many babies, B spits up when she needs to pee, or is actively peeing).

It was beautiful to watch the reactions on her face. I admit to being surprised that she took to it so well. I thought she would poo-poo anything other than my liquid gold. I hope this is a foreshadow of her upcoming foray into food.

As for more play with food, yesterday I had a complete mommy brain moment and gave her a gluten-free cracker. At the time I thought it was a great idea. It wasn't plastic; it was an uberhealthy Mary's Gone Crackers cracker (made out of brown rice, quinoa, flax, etc.). A few minutes into our fun the cracker broke. A split second later I had a realization. Oh yea, crackers break into smaller pieces. Pieces that can easily be lodged into the throat. So, of course, seconds after I was data processing all of this, B starts coughing. Super (dumb) Mommy swoops into her mouth to get out the broken bits.

(Notice the aftermath of the apricot stickiness)

Deep breath. This will only be the first of many (very stupid) things I will do. Better start learning to forgive myself now.


HLM said...

That last picture is definitely one to smile at, especially after that story. It looks like she was kind of shocked after the cracker experience. Of course, babies are fragile and it's mom and dad's job to protect them, but remember that humans are pretty resilient too. There are probably a lot of things that you've done or will do that won't even faze her, even if you're totally worried about it! I agree, forgive yourself! And thanks for all the posts! I'd better get going on mine...

lindsay said...

Mama to Mama...yeah, those moments when you have mommy moments are plentiful, but you do not learn anything from doing things right all the time :) Little mistakes come and go...you have the right idea...just let them go...

Great job on raising such a wonderful baby girl!

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

HLM....the last photo is her actually after the apricot.

I didn't take a photo of the cracker incident. I'd like to not remember the sad face with that one. : )

Thanks for the encouragement Lindsay. : )

Anonymous said...

it's funny you talk about forgiveness at the end of the post--sooo necessary (though like H says, at the same time, better sometimes to not even feel like there's something to forgive). I was flashing on forgiveness when you talked about the frozen yogurt, I totally felt for you in that moment. Thankfully you will fill that space with so many very good memories it will be harder and harder to recall.:)