Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Midwifery Care Kicks Ass

I'm not one to brag, but when it comes to the prenatal care I've received, you probably can't get me to shut up.

Constance Miles is our midwife and she is awesome. Her care has been tremendous; hour and a half long appointments are not abnormal. Oftentimes they are filled with talk not only about my and my baby's health but also about dreams, emotions, how my husband is fairing, etc.

We sit and sip tea and have been sent home with extra garden delights, including flowers for my husband's birthday. Prenatal care shouldn't be any less, but hearing others' experiences, including how tests and measurements are done without an explanation of their reason (let alone their outcome) are unfortunately common. Thirty minute appointments, if that, seem to be more the norm. How can you possibly care for a woman, her child and partner in that amount of time? I can't answer. What I can say, is when it comes to you and your baby's health, seek nothing but the best, whatever that may be for you.

Since I have no baby photos to show you (the stubborn thing still hasn't made it's way into the world yet...despite being in my 42nd week), I'll share what I can of the little-bean-unseen. These photos were taken about two weeks ago.

Now, where is that little creature...I'm starting to think there might be an alien inside me who prefers a parasitic life.

Even my sexy husband can't distract me enough from my hiding babe!


lindsay said...

You are so lucky! I had two kids in the last two years, and NEVER had an hour and a half long appointment...ha! That is so great. Does you insurance cover the midwife? I wish you the best of luck with your delivery! Both my pregnancies went into their 42nd week...some of us are just that fortunate:)Both were wonderful and the best experience of my life.

HLM said...

Look at that belly poking up! It is something to think that little bean is just on the other side of that skin. If it was up to you, wouldn't you want to stay in the warmth, where you don't have to worry about ever being cold or hungry? On the other hand, I bet it's getting cramped in there.... Amb said it'c common to go into the 42nd week, and now look what Lindsay just said!

Anonymous said...

MIDWIFERY CARE does kick ass!!! I am so glad you got care you loved.

It's not legal to get that kind of care here in Italy, with the ultimate plan to have your baby in your location of choice (not a hospital). You would have to do an unassisted birth, or get really creative with "chance" encounters with professionals!

I am trying to figure out what we would do for number 2, because I would love to do it all over again, just that way.

Anonymous said...

just a little update, it looks like homebirthing has a very small following in Italy, and that it is not actually illegal as everyone seems to think. Perhaps it once was, but in any case it looks like you have a lot of red tape and potentially extra fees (which in a country with state funded health care is shirked at).

Just wanted to include that in the off chance someone saw my previous comment and were to assume it true. xoxo