Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blossoming and Growth

With Baby G's birthing day quickly approaching, the element of wood is very much on mind. In Chinese medicine, the element of wood is one of 5 elements and represents, among other things, birth and growth.

Baby G has been blessed with a talented papa who did an amazing job of painting a beautiful tree in his/her room.

Greg sketched a tree with pencil and then taped it out, followed by painting the trunk and branches. We then worked together and painted white blossoms all over.

I love spring and cherry blossoms are without a doubt the essence of spring at it's most abundant. I believe no one has captured the beauty of cherry blossom trees better than Akira Kurosawa in his film, Dreams. A must see if you haven't already indulged in it's luscious cinematography.

I completed the piece by filling in the blossoms with silver filaments and orange stamens. The green butterfly was a little addition that I think gave the piece a nice balance.

Now, Baby G will be surrounded with beauty and love whenever he/she is in the room.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful it looks! I really love the minimalist look and playfulness in the lines. Unexpected too, which is always expectable from you. I love it!

Sarah said...

It turned out beautiful!

HLM said...

That tree is just lovely. I smiled when you said you finished off each flower with orange stamens. Classic J!