Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sewing Projects

 This morning I am off on our first 'big' vacation with Little B. We are going to the lovely town of Mt. Shasta to visit my sister (whom I haven't seen in two and a half years) and meet her little one who turns two in a week.

Before I depart I wanted to share a couple of little projects.

Weeks ago I was prompted to make these cloth balls. I really wanted Bronwyn to have a ball to explore with her hands and her mouth. Thus, the need for cloth and not plastic. While they don't bounce, they're so much fun. The papa found out that a little bounce with them on the forehead elicits a great deal of deep belly laughter.

I also was inspired to make a few gifts that were multi-functional. In this case, lavender rice pillows.

Not only can they heat the space where you lay your little one, they help to calm and soothe when placed nearby. Also, they can turn into doll pillows once little hands start getting interested in playing big.

I also really loved sewing the names freehand; it's a great confidence builder. The tricky part is making sure the lettering is in the middle, not too far up or down, or left or right. I still have work to do with this but am happy with how the cursive turned out.

I will have some more projects to share after the birthday presents get opened...the mountain life gets explored...two little cousins meet...and two sisters get to have some good time together!


Renata said...

I like your balls...

HLM said...

How big are the pillows? Your work is just beautiful. Good luck up north. Sending love...

Anonymous said...

loving avery bit of your blog my dear. the love seeping out from every edge, just like from you. I love the prayer quote. I love seeing your projects. Your thoughts are truly enriching and simply presented.

Have a wonderful trip! xoxoox