Friday, November 7, 2008

On the Title and Birth of a Blog

So, I've finally decided to listen to little conversations I've been having with myself and create a blog. First, I have to admit (so that you know I'm right there with you), I know I am crazy for doing this. For those of you who don't know, I really dislike being on the computer, specifically having to type or stare at a screen for any length of time. A large part of this dislike is due to an injury that has been teaching me many lessons (which will be the subject of later posts). So, I know most of you will probably be equally surprised given my lack of email contact in the past year, or more, for which I am genuinely sad about.

What drove me to face my contradiction? First, I've realized through reading my very close friends' blogs, Ambra and Heather (see sites I love), that I've been able to stay updated with their growth and evolution in a more holistic way than a phone call or letter. I've seen Ambra's beautiful creation, Sonia, develop from a baby to a little girl; I've loved seeing Sonia's personality blossom as though she was right before me even though she is thousands of miles away. I have seen Heather's art/being evolve in ways I would never 'see' in my mind just from hearing about them. I have treasured and savored each little post as though it was written just for my daily consumption. What's more, so can everyone else in their lives who reads their blog, on a regular basis or not. So, here I am at reason number 1: one 'email' aka 'blog post' equals many updates equals less typing and computer time equals Sedna-happy.

Second, here I am at a very fantastic time in my life, with growth happening left and right, thoughts stirring in my insomniac mind like never before, and life burgeoning - figuratively and literally - from my uterine arena. Reason number 2: second chakra creativity I surrender. I am ripe for the taking. I am yours, forever and always!

And now I arrive at reason number 3: not only do I want to communicate my thoughts about all this pregnant creativity I've experienced over the past few months, but also about spirituality, love, grace, forgiveness, art, friendship, family, animals, gardening, BodyTalk, and last, but never least, great food (did anyone mention pumpkin pancakes, kale, fruit loops, jalapeno poppers or 'better than sex cake' pregnant bodymind is open to any, and nearly all, suggestions!).

This morning while I was laying in bed (trying to practice hypnosis to get back to sleep before 5 am) I had one main thought come to me, 'Yes I Can' do a blog (Obama, thank you). Then the next thought quickly followed, what the hell was I going to call it? How can I possibly sum up art, love, babies, yes we did, spirituality, fruit loops, and then some? Then the answer came to me, like a message straight from one of my many angels...Gifts From the Divine.

For, essentially, that is what everything can be summed up by, at least from where I sit. I can happily say that this perspective has graced me in my life and that I have finally been open to hearing and receiving that grace as well. That's why I am here. Right now.

What are your favorite gifts from divinity?


Anonymous said...

You my darling! You are absolutely one of my most treasured gifts from the divine.

Isn't it crazy how blogging personalizes digital communication that could otherwise be so impersonal? It gives us the freedom to ramble like in a letter to our best friend, write as a journalist, or simply post photos we feel like sharing, with absolutely no obligation. We can share the part of ourselves that we feel most in touch with that moment.

I loved your first post and I am looking forward to more. xxoo

HLM said...

Ambra totally took my answer. :) I agree, you are totally a gift from the universe, who has blessed my life in so many ways. I, too, can't wait to come back for updates on a regular basis. Thank you for just saying, "YES (I can)!"

LOVE to you every minute of the day.

RUBEN said...

J dog I don't like you or your blog.
women should not think or use big words it frightens us big brave men
sum-phin awfull.
jk lol omg wtf
i did as gooder of a job on grammer as posssible.

love me